A Cast Iron Love Letter

I'll be the first to admit: I'm not the chef in our house. Sure, I like cooking and I'll make a mean peach cobbler (in a cast iron pan!) but the real star of the kitchen is Dude.

He has a knack for feeding sourdough starters and creating original dishes. There's no need to load up the truck and drive into town for a good meal - our cabin is the place to be! Though if you are ever in the area, check out my Studio Journal entry on where I like to eat in Flagstaff.

The best part about Chez Dude? He keeps it simple and old school, usually opting for sturdy cast iron pans and skillets. The versatility and durability is unmatched, and the food is to die for! 

Here is some of his finest cast iron work that I've managed to document before devouring: 

cast iron sour dough

First things first: SOURDOUGH! Dude has mastered the art (science?) of the sourdough starter, while I reap the rewards. He bakes amazing breads, and recently we enjoyed sourdough pancakes. 

rosa kilgore homestead

In that same vein: delicious homemade pizza! Did I mention I'm spoiled? 

cast iron pizza

Together we created some pot stickers with a tasty filling: mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, onion, water chestnuts, and bean sprouts. So good! 

pot stickers homemade

Winner winner, roast chicken dinner! I think Sugarfoot is ready for his serving. 

homestead rosa kilgore

The beloved carrot taquitos - a secret recipe from Dude's Dad! 

carrot taquitos

Juicy shrimp + beans to change things up. 

shrimp and beans

And last but not least, calabacitas. Spanish for "little squashes," this traditionally Mexican dish is one of our favorites and so easy to make.

A rough recipe: Chop up zucchini, yellow squash, onion, garlic, and any other veggies you're craving like corn, peppers, or tomatoes. Season, sauté and simmer in the cast iron, and add some crumbly cheese if you want. Cover to let all the flavors come together and enjoy! Perfect for any season.  


I'm so lucky to have a sweetheart that supports me artistically + spiritually, as well as in more tangible ways like a thoughtful warm meal. This blog post was originally to share my love for cast iron cooking, but it's hard to separate that from my husband Dude, the cast iron chef of my dreams. 

Anyway - get yourself a cast iron! If you already own one, let me know your favorite recipes over on my Facebook or Instagram

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