Spring 2020 Collection: FLUENT

I believe style is a language that everyone can speak - it crosses all borders + barriers and helps us connect in new ways. My goal for the FLUENT collection was to help the wearer easily express their personal style with chic, bold pieces. With dynamic, flowing shapes and delicious gemstones, this collection is streamlined but powerful.

➢ able to express oneself easily and articulately
➢ able to flow freely; fluid 

Crafted with my favorites - warm ancient bronze and rich sterling silver - the FLUENT collection can be easily paired with jewelry you already own. 

The long pearl necklace features pops of Kingman turquoise, for achieving the perfect southwest look. Also pictured are the ancient bronze small drop earrings, for those who love minimal, lightweight earrings. 

I was especially drawn to labradorite this season - it's a beautiful, neutral gemstone with fabulous flashes of blues, golds, and greens in the right light. Also pictured, the pyrite dangle necklace

Mixing metals is always daring + freshwater pearls are an easy way to add texture and dimension to any look. 

There's something so captivating about the large drop earrings - not quite hoops, but totally chic. Available in sterling silver or ancient bronze. 


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