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My go-to beauty secrets

I'll be honest: I'm not a beauty influencer or a makeup guru! I have sensitive skin and consider myself a minimalist when it comes to beauty. I can count the amount of "products" I use regularly on one hand! I'm allergic to fragrances and perfumes, and I dislike smelly, over-processed makeup too.

One of the few beauty rules I will always follow: no animal testing!

It may be surprising when I say that I get almost ALL of my beauty products from Sprouts, jars included! (tip: artichoke heart jars are a great travel size!) Here are some of my all-time favorite beauty "secrets": 


I blend up organic oatmeal as a gentle exfoliator and face scrub. Great for sensitive skin and so easy! Keep it in an air-tight container and you're golden. 


I use cornstarch + cocoa powder as my face powder. It evens out your skin and takes away too much shine. Best part? It doubles as a dry shampoo! Throw this little jar in your purse and you're good to go. 


I always make it a priority to wear sunblock (I like Alba Botanica) and hats if I'm ever out in the sun!

When I'm feeling indulgent, I love Peak Scent's Rose Phyto Facial Mist. Totally organic and made right here in Flagstaff. It smells so good and leaves you feeling moisturized and refreshed! Check them out on Instagram


Judging by the rambling bottle label, Dr. Bronner seems eccentric. But I love this brand's simple soaps, especially the Lavender scent. I use it as hand soap as well as body wash! 


I think natural, organic, DIY beauty products will become more widespread as time goes on! Creating at-home recipes and beauty tricks feels amazing; you save money + know all the ingredients. In the future, I'd love to try my hand at creating homemade mascara and homemade blush. If I do, I'll be sure to share my results! 

What are some of your beauty secrets? I'd love to know! Connect with me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook


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