Origin Collection

origin (noun)
or·​i·​gin | \ ˈȯr-ə-jən
➢ events viewed as giving rise to something
➢ the point where something springs into being

The Fall/Winter Origin Collection taps into the evocative human spirit that lives in all of us, passed down over generations.
Where do you come from? What is responsible for your current BEING?  
For me, it's the American southwest. As generations of my family have traversed and cherished this rugged landscape, my southwest origins have become a source of pride and inspiration in my work.
My metalsmith and jewelry-making education took me through California, and New Mexico, but the richest and strongest roots (my origins) are in Arizona. Some of my most cherished lessons and inspiration came from jeweler and silversmith Dorothy Jeffrey on the Navajo reservation, and my Uncle, Jesse Monongya. 
And of course, my artistic origins are deeply influenced by my marvelous mama Linda Margaret Kilgore, and my fabulous grandmother, the late Margaret Kilgore. Learn more about them and my jewelry making process here.  

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