My 5 favorite things for southwest summers

When I tell out-of-state people I'm from Arizona, I often get asked "How do you stand the summers?" 

For starters, I actually love the heat! I adore warm, sunny days - no shoveling, scraping or gloves required. Not to mention, I spend much of my time in scenic Northern Arizona, where summers are much milder (don't worry - the months of snow keep us humble!) 
Living in various parts of the state throughout my life, I have this southwest summer thing under my belt! Here are 5 things I LOVE during summers in Arizona.

updated for 2020


1. Flagstaff's Toasted Owl - I'll have the 'usual'

(image courtesy of TripAdvisor)

I've eaten a few things here and it was all delish. For a southwest twist, try the breakfast tacos made with black beans and bacon! Dude recommends their Bloody Mary, too. Bonus points for the outdoor patio for Suggs.


2. AJ's Iced Tea

Photo by Stephanie Nault

AJ's is such a Valley staple! I have to get their iced tea every time I'm in Scottsdale. I order the decaf apricot tea with a slice of orange - I even invested in one of their reusable cups because I buy it so much!  


3. Linen... everything!

I wear it, sleep on it, can't get enough of it! This breathable fabric is a must-have when temperatures climb. Not to mention, linen shirts are the perfect foundation for adding lots of jewelry

4. Swimming in Oak Creek 

Sedona Rosa Kilgore

Enough said! Oak Creek Canyon is one of my favorite places ever. I'm so fortunate this beautiful gem is in between my Scottsdale studio and my Flagstaff studio. 


5. Badger Bug Spray

This spray uses natural ingredients to keep summertime pests away. I try to avoid perfumes and fragrances, thankfully this spray uses essential oils that smell amazing! They also offer an organic balm for sore muscles, which is just what I need after a long day in the studio. 


There you have it! Just a few of my favorite things that make summertime in Arizona much more enjoyable. 

What are some of your MUST HAVE items for summer? Let me know on Instagram, Facebook, or send me your Pinterest boards! 

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