My Year in Review: 2019

Wow, the end of a decade! It feels surreal to be entering the '20s. 

The 2010s were very good to me! I adopted Sugarfoot, moved into my home/studio in Flagstaff, traveled abroad, opened my online store, and mastered my artistic point of view and creative processes. (Sterling silver, ancient bronze, freshwater pearls, Kingman turquoise - you are near and dear to my heart!)

2019 was especially notable for me! I was Phoenix Magazine's Artist of the Month in March - such a fun experience and great honor! In February I married my best friend. Then, we did our first show together this winter! You can check out his custom silver work here. In 2019, I explored totally new parts of this amazing state (how had I never been to Two Guns before this year??), and also got to travel around California a bit.

A huge THANK YOU to those who have supported me, even just by following along or signing up for my updates. You are supporting a small, southwest, handmade jewelry business in this vast marketplace - and it is so appreciated! I can't wait to share all new jewelry in 2020 (psst, there will be more one-of-a-kind pieces!) and I'm so excited for the new year + all the adventures and fun to be had. 

Cheers to new beginnings, fresh ideas, and growth! 


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