9 Pieces that are Essential for Every Jewelry Collection

9 Pieces that are Essential for Every Jewelry Collection

Jewelry is more than something pretty to wear - it's a way to tell your story and show the world who you really are. But, it can be frustrating to not have a piece that looks just right with the outfit you picked for the day.

If you make sure to keep these 9 essential pieces in your jewelry collection, you'll never find yourself lacking that "perfect piece". 

1. Hoop Earrings. Hoop earrings are a chic way to frame your face and I love that they come in all styles and sizes! They can be bold or dainty, feminine or edgy, classic or unique. Hoops go with everything and it's easy to find a pair that shows who YOU are.

lightweight silver hoop earrings


2. A Strand of Pearls.  Elegant and feminine, pearls are a great way to turn any outfit into an eye-catcher without going too far. There's no need to stick with the traditional look though - find a strand of pearls that reflects your own unique style!


3. A Long Chain Necklace. Chain necklaces are great because you can use them to create several different looks. Their length and simplicity make them easy to layer with shorter necklaces, but they also look great on their own when you're going for a more subtle vibe.  


4. Post Earrings. Do you ever have an outfit that seems like it's missing something but everything you add seems to be too much? Post earrings may be what you're looking for. They're simple and barely noticeable but do wonders in tying an outfit together. 

small cross earrings

5. Cocktail Ring. Cocktail rings are oversized rings designed to make a statement. They are bold and eye-catching, and one of the easiest ways to show the world your own true spirit. Perfect for a night out or all day, every day!    

6. Simple Bracelets. Bracelets are are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit! I suggest finding a simple bracelet that you love. One that can be your "go-to" so you can effortlessly create a look you feel your best in.  

                    gold tone cuff bracelet 

7. A Statement Necklace. Statement necklaces are so much fun! They don't have to be huge if that's not your style, but you should have at least one necklace that really stands out. It will make any outfit look stylish and is perfect for days when you need something effortless. 

8. Statement Earrings.  Just like statement necklaces, statement earrings are an effortless way to look amazing! They come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to turn a simple outfit into one that expresses your true style. 


9. Something FUN. In my opinion, this is the most important piece you can own! Something that may not be practical or go with everything, but something YOU LOVE. A piece that makes you feel happy and true to yourself. This is when you'll feel most confident and look your best! 

Inspired by the untamed beauty, rich history, and culture of the American Southwest; Rosa Kilgore Jewelry is made with our own hands, right here in Arizona.

Explore our available pieces and find unique versions of the 9 essentials that express who you really are.



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