You're an independent woman who loves to take an ordinary outfit and make it your own. It's not just jewelry, it's how you show the world your own true spirit. You're an individual, and love wearing modern jewelry for your southwest soul. Mix and match Rosa Kilgore jewelry for a look that's truly your own.


Every woman has a story to tell. At Rosa Kilgore jewelry we want to help you tell your unique story. Even before you speak, you’ve begun to set the stage; how you carry yourself, your clothes, your hair, your jewelry - that talisman which is a window of your inner soul.

Like you, we have an appreciation for well crafted things, and design jewelry to become a part of your story. These pieces become your new go-to jewelry, the ones you love to wear. Making jewelry is in my bones and in my soul. Every piece comes from the heart and is infused with the energy and spirit of the American Southwest. When you put on a piece of Rosa Kilgore jewelry, you feel that energy, and you are inspired to show the world your own true spirit.


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My grandmother, Margaret Kilgore (left) with Navajo artist Mary Beshlakaii, was a Native American art dealer.


Many of our collectors seek to find modern jewelry to match their southwest soul. Steeped in multi-generational American Southwest, my family lived in the Navajo and Hopi country where my grandparents had trading posts and stores. As a child I remember seeing the beautiful, older Native American women and falling in love with their dense and stunning silver and turquoise bracelets, rings and necklaces. The texture of the silver coins against velvet blouses and skirts gave a culturally rich and glamorous style.


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My mother, grandmother, aunts, and step-mother each have their own unique sense of style and all wear real jewelry—and plenty of it!


Growing up in a family of artists, jewelers, dealers and collectors I was immersed in the American Southwest spirit. The passion and enthusiasm from my sculptor mother and painter father fanned my flame. Traveling across the romantic deserts of the Southwest, I have blended those influence into my own style.


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Rosa Kilgore jewelry is a shared effort with my sweetheart and husband, multi-talented artist John Mettier. We divide our time between two studios: our sweet home studio, in a cabin nestled in the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the world, and our magical Scottsdale studio on historic Cattletrack Road, situated in an old horse stables and surrounded by lush desert vegetation.

John does our lapidary work sourcing turquoise from the Kingman Mine in Golden Valley, AZ. This family owned mine is one of the oldest in the country, and gives us endless desert beauty and inspiration. Our passion to share with you unique southwest jewelry represents our heritage that also lives within you. 


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