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Deep inside each one of us lives a little flicker, a tiny flame. The truest version of ourselves. Rosa Kilgore jewelry stokes that flame and helps you show the world your whole self

I’m Rosa Kilgore, and I know that every woman has a story to tell. I’m interested in how we tell those what we love, and how we present ourselves, and tell our stories...

 She begins to tell it to the world when she steps out in the morning; she starts to tell her story—with her look, and with her style. She tells you more with how she carries herself. Tells you with her hair, her clothes, and most particularly, with her jewelry, that talisman which is a window on her inner self. Is it fabulous? Ordinary? Cheap? Ostentatious? Subtle? Is it a statement or does it help her blend into the crowd. Or does it give you clues about Who She IS?

I design my jewelry to become a part of your story. These pieces become your new heirlooms: jewelry you treasure and pass on to future generations. Making jewelry is in my bones and in my soul. Every piece comes from my heart and is infused with the energy and spirit of the American Southwest. When you put on a piece of Rosa Kilgore jewelry, you feel a bit of that energy, and you are inspired to show the world your own true spirit. 


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My grandmother, Margaret Kilgore (left) with Navajo artist Mary Beshlakaii, was a Native American art dealer.


Steeped in the multi-generational American Southwest, my family lived in the Navajo and Hopi country, where my grandparents had trading posts, and stores. As a child, I remember seeing the older Native American women, being smitten with their dense and stunning silver and turquoise bracelets, rings and necklaces. Rows of sewn-on silver coins would gleam against their velvet blouses and skirts.


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My mother, grandmother, aunts, and step-mother each have their own unique sense of style and all wear real jewelry—and plenty of it!


Growing up in a family of artists, jewelers, dealers and collectors, I was immersed from a young age. The passion and enthusiasm was contagious. I couldn’t escape. Art was already in my blood. Years of travel, beginning in childhood with my sculptor mother and painter father and continuing through adulthood allowed me to soak up different cultures and blend those influences into my own style.


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In 2019 I married my sweetheart, the multi-talented artist John Mettier, and together we have worked to make Rosa Kilgore Jewelry a shared effort. We divide our time between two studios: our sweet little home studio, in a cabin nestled in the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the world, and our magical Scottsdale studio, situated in an old horse stable and surrounded by lush desert vegetation. John does our lapidary work, cutting and polishing all the stones we use in our jewelry. We work together on casting our pieces in sterling silver, then he then sets the stone. We take the finished pendants and incorporate them into my jewelry designs.


We source our raw materials locally whenever possible. All of our turquoise comes from the Kingman Mine in Golden Valley, AZ. This family owned mine is one of the oldest in the country, and we love taking road trips there to purchase turquoise and hike around the seemingly endless desert landscape.




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