You believe that all objects have a story to tell. You are drawn to items with a history, and you appreciate quality and authenticity. The jewelry you choose to wear is simple and well made; pieces that can become a part of your story... You've come to the right place.

Designed to be a part of your permanent collection, my jewelry is made to stand the test of time. I believe in heirlooms, in quality, in style over trend. I work with sterling silver, ancient bronze and many semi-precious stones to create pieces that you’ll want to wear for years to come.

From the clothes I wear to the jewelry I make, I can trace my design sense and style to the women I look up to. My mother, grandmother, aunts, and step-mother each have their own unique sense of style and all wear real jewelry—and lots of it! Authentic jewelry, well made by hand, and of materials that are what they look like. You won't find silver plated jewelry in this group.

Growing up surrounded by strong, confident women had a profound impact on my sense of style and on the way that I design jewelry. Each of these women that I am so deeply connected to inspires me to be my best self and to live every day to the fullest.

I prefer ancient methods, and the most elemental forms of working. I find magic as I manipulate, melt, and pour the molten metal as I shape it into forms of my own creation. The elements of ritual, of intention, can be found in each of my pieces. I feel a connection with silver. There is a link that connects us to the women who first wore silver, on different shores, in ancient times.

Having been born into a family of artists, creativity is highly valued. Drawn to the lunar, the feminine and the mysterious, I find beauty in nature’s imperfections. This beauty of imperfection is what I strive for in my jewelry.


STUDIOS: Nestled among the tall Ponderosa Pines, 6 miles outside of town in an unincorporated part of the county is where my Flagstaff studio exists. At 7000 feet, we get snow in the winter and cool breezy summers.  Flagstaff is a great place to work, undistracted and surrounded by tall trees. In the heart of Scottsdale, Studio AFUERA is located on a little street called Cattle Track, (which has been an artists’ enclave for many decades). Built from an old horse stables, the studio is partially indoors and partially outdoors. I love being able to work so close to, and in, nature - it is Perfect for the mild Scottsdale winters.