Easy to use 'S' clasp

You know the feeling: rushing out the door, with barely any time to get dressed, let alone accessorize! It's so annoying spending the day feeling lackluster, just because you ran out of time to put on jewelry.
Well there's a new sheriff in town! My 's' clasp necklaces. No more breaking your nails trying to open a tiny clasp, no more struggling to put on a necklace. This design is sleek and easy to handle - even during those busy, whirlwind mornings. 

Dislike tiny clasps? You'll love this. Easy to use and still adjustable, my 's' clasp can be hooked anywhere along the chain. 
So go ahead - slow down + accessorize to your heart's content! 
Looking for necklaces with an easy to use 'S' clasp? Check out what's available here.

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