How to size your cuff bracelet

Rosa Kilgore cuff bracelets are a simple way to take an ordinary outfit and make it your own. They come in one size and can be adjusted to fit almost any wrist - but you only want to do this once. Resizing your cuff too many times will make the piece brittle and could eventually break it.

Sizing your cuff bracelet is easy! Give it a gentle squeeze to make it smaller or slowly pull it open to make it larger. The gap of the cuff should be able to fit over the narrowest part of your forearm. Gentleness is key!

Now that the gap fits over the narrowest part of your wrist, follow these steps when putting on/removing your cuff so you don’t have to resize it every time you wear it.

  1. With your thumbs facing upward, find the narrowest part of your forearm.
  2. Position the opening of the cuff just under your wrist.
  3. Gently push the cuff onto your wrist while wiggling your arm back and forth. The opening should be snug around your wrist, but not painful.
  4. Once the cuff is all the way on your wrist, twist it so the opening is on the inner part of your wrist.

It’s that easy! If you follow these instructions and are gentle when resizing your bracelet, it will be a piece that you can enjoy for years, and one that you can pass down to future generations!


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