Southwestern Heritage

Southwestern Heritage

As a 5th generation Arizona native, steeped in the romance of the American Southwest all my life, it was only fitting that I would fall in love with this land.

But it didn't happen right away. Growing up here, it didn't feel quite as magical to me as it does now. But after living in several other states and even another country, my heart was undeniably drawn back to this place.

Much of my childhood was spent in my grandparents’ trading posts in the heart of Navajo and Hopi country.  I remember seeing the older Native women and falling in love with the way they freely expressed themselves through their jewelry

Many of them wore vintage silver and turquoise pieces with a texture that, when combined with their velvet blouses and skirts, represented the heart of their culture in an artful and glamorous way. The confidence that radiated from these women inspires me to express myself, and to create designs that help you do the same

two women wearing squash blossom necklace navajo

My grandmother, Margaret Kilgore (left) with Navajo artist Mary Beshlakaii, was a Native American art dealer. 

Pictured below is her trading post that will always hold a special place in my heart.

horses in the bed of an old truck

I feel honored to wear heirloom pieces that have been passed down through generations of strong, creative women.  They inspire me to stay true to myself and tell my story to the world.

My mom (what a babe), a full time sculptor and painter - rocking her old Navajo bracelet - which has now been passed down to me as an heirloom. This piece is so inspiring, and I just love the way our jewelry designs compliment old favorites.

vintage photo of woman and bracelet

My pop, John Farnsworth, a full time southwestern painter of over 50 years, has been cool for a really long time. Look at that great concho belt, which he still has by the way!

vintage photo of Navajo women

Growing up in the open deserts of the Southwest, in a family full of passionate and enthusiastic artists, collectors, and dealers, gave me a deep appreciation for self expression and timeless beauty. John and I have blended these influences into our own style and use them to design modern pieces that feel like old favorites.

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