Sugarfoot Spitz

Maybe you've seen him - 25 pounds of love at my feet, a fluffy dark shape in the background of my studio, my loyal passenger on countless road trips: the one, the only, Sugarfoot Spitz. 
Our story begins when I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011. I met the sweetest, brightest, kindest dog at the Española Humane SocietyHe was a magnificent mutt who was the perfect size for adventuring. We hit it off right away, and I knew that I HAD TO ADOPT this dog. 
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We're still not sure exactly what breeds he is - there are traces of Border Collie, and the folks at the Humane Society reckoned he was part Finnish Spitz. And so his name was born: Sugarfoot Spitz (Sugarfoot as in tenderfoot!) We had so much fun those last few months in New Mexico - living behind Canyon Road, taking scenic walks along the Santa Fe River, his ears bouncing as we walked. 
After 2011, we made our way back to Arizona. Sugarfoot quickly adapted to his new home - running amuck in Flagstaff's pine forests, exploring Oak Creek Canyon, and lounging in the Scottsdale sun (still doesn't like monsoons, though). Northern Arizona is where I met the amazing man who would end up being my husband and Sugarfoot's bff, so of course Flagstaff has a special place in our hearts.  
Sugarfoot has the demeanor of a gentleman. While he does howl when he's happy, he will rarely beg, bark, or bug you. And of course, he's the perfect studio dog - happy to curl up in his bed and snooze while I work, happy to go on a nature walk when I'm ready to blow off steam. He's just the best! 
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I can't imagine my life without this extraordinary little guy - we've been glued at the hip for over 10 years and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Cheers to man's best friend! 
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