Inspiration Series: Gail Chovan & Evan Voyles

The best part of living in the southwest as a creative? Inspiration, everywhere. From the sprawling pastel deserts to the boot-clad badasses that live here, there's so much to love. 

Evan Voyles boots

A couple that really inspires me? Gail Chovan & Evan Voyles in Austin, Texas. They are the definition of a southwest power couple, both possessing excellent personal style and CVs. 

Evan Voyles and Gail Chovan

Gail Chovan is a fashion extraordinaire: she's a clothing designer and professor at Paris College of Art and UT Austin. She loves neutrals and lots of texture, like me. Her amazing personal style and knowledge of fashion are aspirational! 

Evan Voyles is an award-winning neon sign maker based in Austin - not to mention, a collector of vintage boots and signs (sign me up please!) His Instagram is like candy to me: neon signs mixed with dusty southwestern buildings, retro Texas collectibles with eye catching colors.
 Evan Voyles old trunk

The kicker? Their custom family "bungalow" in South Austin is something out of an artist's daydream! Read it about it here

Aren't they amazing? I've been inspired by these two for years! I love seeing their eccentric aesthetics and fabulous adventures around the world. I highly recommend giving them a follow:

Gail Chovan on Instagram and Evan Voyles on Instagram

Gail Chovan and Evan Voyles black and white 

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