Southwest Springtime Must-Haves

Southwest Springtime Must-Haves

Springtime in the southwest is unbelievably beautiful: the flora shows off its amazing colors and everything comes to life. 

There are so many reasons to get outdoors in these months, but often the weather can be fickle. The easiest solution? Layers!

Grab a fuzzy vest to add volume and texture to your look - plus it's perfect for adding a new element to older outfits.

southwest jewelry

Springtime is basically denim jacket season! I love the indigo color of denim, it's ideal for adding a little color while staying neutral. You really can't go wrong with a quality jean jacket and chic jewelry. 

Another springtime must-have: a scarf. I enjoy big scarves that can almost double as a blanket if needed. Plus, if you're feeling like an outfit is a little lackluster, pop on an interesting scarf and call it good! 

rosa kilgore jewelry

 I'm also a big proponent of layering jewelry too! My charm necklaces are perfect for mixing + matching.

Other spring time must-haves: SUNGLASSES! There are so many fun frames to try out and express your style. 

rosa kilgore

The springtime wind can be wild! I always carry lip moisturizer with me + I love using badger balm for keeping my hands soft. Oh - and it's worthwhile to have a cute hat to help with windswept hair!

As for jewelry, every woman NEEDS some fun, flirty hoop earrings in their arsenal, especially as we're approaching the season of sundresses and flowing blouses.  

hoop earrings

These are some of my favorites - what about you? Let me know some of your springtime must-haves on Instagram or Facebook


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