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Stuck in the house? Need some fresh faces / new inspiration on your radar? As someone who adores following western fashion, southwest style, and "cowboy chic," I've got you covered! 

Meet the southwest sweethearts with impeccable style + artisan accessories: Chad Isham and Zuzanna Isham. They live + create on a 100 year old farmhouse in Texas; crafting gorgeous garments, bags, and reviving beautiful vintage pieces.

Chad is an artist specializing in leatherwork, while Slavic-born Zuzanna is the resident fashionista + writer/editor. 

I'm pretty much obsessed with everything they post + all their products (I drool over the Chiapas bag especially) - their online shop is a curated mix of vintage clothing, antiques, and fresh takes on southwest fashion. 

If you like the wild wild west - you should definitely follow these two! Who do you follow on social media that inspires you? Send me a message and let me know! 


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