Packaged with Care

When you decide to purchase Rosa Kilgore Jewelry, it's a big deal. 

It means that you care about handmade, timeless jewelry that says "I'm not here to follow the crowd." You don't like cookie cutter accessories, you crave something more authentic + personal.

You deserve a collection that helps you stand out while still staying elegant + modern. Jewelry that will become part of your story, because you wear it with everything.

This is the source of my inspiration. 

I am honored when people purchase my work. It's why I care so much about how it arrives when you place an order! 

southwest jewelry

Getting new jewelry is a CELEBRATION! It's an investment in your personal style + confidence. When you order new pieces from me, I include care and cleaning instructions, a polishing cloth, plus a little postcard.

My recyclable packaging reflects how excited I am that my handmade jewelry is now a small part of your story. 

Cheers to stepping into your voice + building a collection that reflects your unique perspective. 


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